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10 Reasons to migrate your PBX to the cloud

10 Reasons to migrate your PBX to the cloud

Let’s talk turkey! There are loads of reasons to upgrade your PBX system to the cloud, not least of which is the fact that you can save money by turning to Fat Budgie Cloud PBX and VoIP. The rates are competitive and so is the service. Your calls are redirected from the cloud so your office could literally be anywhere.

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Frustrated with your PBX system? Fat Budgie’s Virtual PBX has a host of skills, and there’s no risky contract to tie you down. Need more reasons to upgrade? Here’s 10…

1. Competitive costs

Business is all about the bottom line, and with Cloud PBX, you save money in all areas – it’s win-win. You have lower setup capital costs, don’t require any maintenance or insurance, and true per second billing at the most competitive rates. Migrating your PBX system is definitely the right decision for a healthier bottom line!

2. Scales up or down

Like a yo-yo diet, Fat Budgie’s Cloud PBX system can scale up or down, i.e. you choose how many extensions you want or need, and you can make changes from one month to the next, depending on whether your staff compliment is growing or shrinking. Whether it’s one extension or 100, you only pay for what you use – definitely a cost efficient solution!

3. World-class features

Virtual PBX boasts a vast array of world-class features – including call forwarding, call recording, answering calls, ringing multiple phones simultaneously, finding you on your cellphone when you’re out, and so much more! Fat Budgie caters for just about every business communication need.

4. Risk-free contract

We’re so sure you’ll love Fat Budgie, we’ve put a one month notice period in our contract. If you’re not thrilled with our performance and service, we won’t force you to stay. And to further reduce any risk to you or your business, all the equipment you might have paid for is compatible with one of our competitors. What’s not to love?

5. No hardware necessary

No extra hardware with the cloud

Unlike old-style PBX systems which need expensive cards and technical upgrades, and take up a lot of space, Cloud PBX plugs straight into your office network. All you need are your IP desk phones; nothing special inside your building because all the exciting stuff is happening outside your building in a secure data center often referred to as “the cloud”

6. Automatic upgrades all the time

Hosted PBX is updated and upgraded all the time, and here’s the kicker – at no cost or inconvenience to you, the user. There’s no waiting around for your turn with the technician – Fat Budgie stays on top of the technical upgrades by keeping your Cloud PBX up-to-date with the latest features – from the cloud.

7. Office in the cloud

The Budgie may be fat, but he can still fly! Virtual PBX is not geographically bound – this is the ‘height’ of mobility. Your call is routed to your extension no matter where it’s plugged in – it’s the ultimate in mobile office solutions. And office moves? Plug and play – it’s that simple; wherever your IP phone is plugged in, that’s where the Cloud PBX sends your calls. Multiple branches nationwide? No problem! Even better, if you don’t pick up the call, we’ll redirect the call to another extension, your cellphone, or voicemail – your office can be anywhere you are.

8. Business communications continuity

Fat Budgie always keeps birdseed in his back pocket for a rainy day… With a Cloud PBX, we set up layers of redundancy to suit your disaster recovery strategy. Downtime will seem like a bad dream from your past – during unforeseen circumstances, Cloud PBX offers seamless failover, minimising downtime on office communications.

9. Customisation and control

Virtual PBX is easy to configure from a simple web portal, and you can choose how much control you want over your settings. You can stay on top of your PBX with basic settings like changing the Auto Attendant message, and turn to our technical team, who are available online or on the phone, when things get tough, to give you the most out of your Virtual PBX.

10. Save electricity

Moving To The Cloud (2)When you’ve migrated to the cloud, your equipment upgrades are dramatically reduced! You might decide to buy a shiny new handset from time to time, but that’s about it! So you’re not adding another server cabinet full of unwanted PBX equipment to the techno-junk graveyard every 3 years. It’s also more efficient on electricity, meaning that 100 companies plugged into the cloud will use less electricity than 100 companies with 100 PBXs eating at the electricity consumption. There are lots of things to worry about in life and in business, but your PBX system shouldn’t be one of them! Upgrade today to find out why our cloud has a silver lining…


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