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Call Recording

Hosted Call Recording

Never leave important business deals to chance again — our VoIP recording service lets you save your phone calls in the cloud and replay them from any Internet-connected device anytime.


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Perfect Memory

With our cloud based call recording, you’ll never have to deal with conflicting statements from your employees and clients again. In the event of a miscommunication, simply play the recorded conversation to figure out what both parties said. You’ll minimize your liability while holding clients accountable to verbal agreements, which will save your business money in the long run.

Employee Training

Employee training is useful, but there’s no substitute for experience. With FatBudgie call recording, you’ll be able to teach your employees how best to meet your clients’ needs. Using real calls, you can point out where employees used the right tone or accidentally omitted an important direction.

Equipment & Commitments Free!

FatBudgie’s call recording service is available for as little as R25 a month, and can scale up to any number of extensions and any length of storage duration. Our cloud based call recording doesn’t use expensive hardware, and the initial setup only takes a few hours. Therefore we don’t require long-term contracts, so you are able to add or reduce your call recording requirements when it suits you.

Full Cloud PBX Integration

FatBudgie hosted call recording runs on our cloud service, so you’ll never run into downtime or lost calls. With robust security measures, your recorded calls are protected against theft, file corruption, and other forms of data loss. Keep calls for as long as needed and automatically delete them after a set time period.

Quickly Load/Retrieve Saved Calls

Our call recording service features intuitive controls, letting you easily retrieve saved calls. Search by date, extension, client, or other parameters to find the recording in seconds. Because everything is saved on the cloud, you can access saved calls from any web browser on any device.

Instantly Record on Any Extension

Don’t want to record every single call placed in your office? Use your control panel to instantly switch call recording on and off or set the extension to only record every 10th call giving you a sample of the day’s calls.

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FatBudgie Hosted Call Recording

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