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Quality Connectivity

FatBudgie ensures an excellent experience of all our cloud-based services, by helping you to pick the right Internet connectivity that is both fast and stable.


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Reliable Calls

4 out of 5 VoIP complaints are directly caused by poor connectivity that results in dropped calls and garbled audio. All of our connectivity options support clear and reliable voice services. You’ll spend less time on calls — increasing your productivity and improving your bottom line – instead of struggling to make out words or redialling numbers again.

One Quote for Multiple Providers

Depending on your location and connectivity needs, you might have five or more Internet Access providers to choose from. When you request quotation from us, we’ll compare all of your connectivity options and make informed recommendations to save you time and money. For example: Can you get better speed for less money by switching to Fibre? We’ll give you all of the information you need to get the best connectivity and make the right choice.

High-Quality Connectivity for All

Don’t have access to a high-quality connection such as fibre? The FatBudgie Runway device offers an affordable fail-safe solution to minimize downtime. And it works just about anywhere by using the traditional landline infrastructure if your data link is down – giving you access to the best of both worlds. A must if uptime is important to your business.

Connectivity Monitoring

FatBudgie’s VoIP connectivity isn’t a product — it’s a 24/7 service. We monitor each and every link, and as soon as we detect a problem, we’ll take proactive measures to fix it. If your service isn’t quickly restored, we’ll automatically escalate the complaint to your provider and forward your calls to your alternate destination. This could be another branch, a cellphone or a voicemail box.

Widest Range of Available Options

FatBudgie is connectivity agnostic — we work with most major providers including NeoTel, Internet Solutions, and Telkom, meaning that it’s unlikely that we will ask you to switch internet providers. As long as your current service is fast and reliable enough, we won’t run into any issues establishing VoIP connectivity with your business.

Voice and Data with One Line

With our connectivity services, you can place calls and access the Internet with a single line, saving you money upfront and in the long run. ADSL offers adequate speeds, but for the fastest speeds and most reliable connectivity, you’ll want our dedicated fibre service, which can handle dozens of phone calls and uncapped internet at the same time.

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FatBudgie Quality Connectivity

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