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FatBudgie featured on Business IQ

FatBudgie featured on Business IQ

FatBudgie’s CEO, Sacha Matulovich, was recently featured on Summit TV on the Business IQ show on 27 September 2012. He discussed the key steps your small business can take to identify solutions that reduce overheads, capex, and/or debt. For the full transcript, read the Business Day Live article below…

Telephone killing your business?

Sacha Matulovich CEO of FatBudgie“SACHA Matulovich is CE of cloud telephony company FatBudgie.

SUMMIT TV (STV): Implementing an efficient telephone system can improve communication with customers and colleagues, but are enough small businesses paying attention to their communications systems? SACHA MATULOVICH (SM): When it comes to telephone systems, every small business owner is forced into having to pay attention at some point. Up until now it’s largely been a grudge purchase for small business owners — you will find most small businesses will have a PBX somewhere in their office, but nobody knows how it works normally. The PBX salesperson will tell you its absolutely crucial because it allows staff telephones to link together and it allows you to make calls out and for customers to call in. The PBX offers very simple features but costs an arm and a leg and that’s what business owners have faced whether they like it or not.

STV: What is a cloud-based PBX? SM: The next evolution in PBX is upon us and we are one of the brands leading that evolution — which is to move the PBX out the office and into the cloud. What this means is instead of having a box in the office that you have to insure and understand and maintain, that can’t grow or change with your business, you are now plugged into a world-class hosted system that’s in a really advanced data centre that can evolve with your business. You won’t have the problems with the old box sitting in your business — you can shift anywhere in the country and have multiple branches and it’s accurate as if you had one PBX all over the country, and there’s a number of fantastic features and benefits that come with the cloud like free branch-to-branch calls. This is the next step in business telecommunications.

STV: What are the most important factors for smaller businesses to consider? SM: That’s what this is about — it’s fantastic technology behind all of this, but leaving that aside, the small business owner has a problem to which this system provides fantastic control in terms of costs and how they conduct their business. One of the major features is that one doesn’t have to go and buy very expensive equipment and take the risk that it will still be the right equipment in three or five years. What happens is the small business owner can’t afford to buy the equipment, which may require a R100,000 commitment, so they finance the equipment and that’s a difficult decision because you don’t know what the business is going to look like in three to five years, where you may have more staff and move premises and change the nature of the business. Not having to make that decision is probably the biggest advantage of plugging into the cloud and it’s on a month-to-month basis. If you want to grow you can, if you retrench half your staff you can downscale the system to the size you need and that’s probably the main advantage of the system. It’s probably a no-brainer and that’s how I came into this — I was a customer of Cloud PBX before I got involved in the business. It’s a no-brainer if you are moving premises or you have a PBX that’s come out of contract or has been struck by lightning, you really have to move onto the cloud as there is no way you would want to buy a box going forward.”

You can read the original transcript of Telephone killing your business? here.


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