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Number Porting

FatBudgie Number Porting

As your business grows and expands, you may need to move into new premises to house additional employees and equipment. If you’re using a traditional phone provider, you might have to give up your current phone number. With FatBudgie, you can continue to use your existing phone number no matter where you relocate.


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Keep Your Current Phone Number

Regardless of your current phone company, you can keep your current phone number when you sign up for our number porting service, and once you’re on our network, you can keep using the same number even if you move from Cape Town to Johannesburg or anywhere in between.

Call Transfer to Any Device

Does your business operate in multiple locations? FatBudgie lets you use one number for all offices, and our comprehensive number routing tools put you in complete control of incoming calls. Using our web portal or friendly help-desk, you can transfer calls to any desk phone, cell phone, voice mail inbox, or email account of your choosing.

Your 24/7 Digital Receptionist

Not in the office right now? A digital receptionist gives callers the ability to leave messages, contact specific individuals, and access information at any time. Professional voice prompts and automated menus are easy to set up, and you’ll never have to worry about missing another important call ever again.

Our Seamless Porting Pledge

We’ll work directly with Telkom to ensure that your number is smoothly ported. You’ll never need to speak with a Telkom representative, and during the number porting process, you’ll experience minimal interruption of service.

Works with Nearly Any Number

Have a 086 number? No problem! FatBudgie supports nearly all business phone numbers currently in use. Due to current legislature, 087 numbers cannot be ported, but all other numbers are fully compatible with our forwarding technology.

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FatBudgie Number Porting

Continue to use your existing phone number no matter where you relocate.