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FatBudgie VoIP Solutions

FatBudgie’s Voice over IP service connects to your company’s existing PBX, Switchboard and Handsets, to deliver phone calls at a fraction of traditional landline rates.


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Save Money

Businesses that switch to VoIP save up to 40 percent compared to landline services. FatBudgie customers enjoy reduced rates to cellphone networks, landlines and international destinations, all billed per second, so you only pay for what you use. And phoning another FatBudgie customer is free!

Avoid the Downtime

FatBudgie works with multiple carrier networks so that you can always get through to your destination. If one carrier stops working, we’ll route your traffic through another airtime provider.

Integrated Security

FatBudgie VoIP solutions come standard with security features that guard your business against hackers and other forms of abuse, protecting you from the risks of receiving a huge phone bill unexpectedly.

From Small Businesses to Multinational Corporations

VoIP service is extremely scalable, so it works equally well for businesses with two employees and two thousand employees. You can easily upgrade your service as your expand without running into expensive hardware installations or software upgrades.

Use Your Existing Broadband Infrastructure

FatBudgie VoiP now integrates with leading data connectivity like ADSL, Diginet, Fibre and Wireless internet links. This means that you can cancel all those analogue landlines and consolidate your office communication over one high quality high speed connection.

Call Traffic Routing

No single carrier boasts 100 percent uptime, which is why we work with multiple carriers to ensure that your business enjoys uninterrupted service. If one of the major carriers is down, our software will route your calls across different carrier networks to deliver the call.

Call Quality Improvements

VoIP providers got a bad reputation several years ago due to poor call quality. Fortunately, VoIP call quality and reliability have greatly improved in recent years, and more than 50,000 businesses in South Africa have already switched to VoIP. We’re constantly updating our service to optimize bandwidth usage while improving your phone service.

Fat Budgie Cloud illustration

FatBudgie VoIP

Enjoy the freedom provided by scalability and the convenience of crystal clear audio