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Why every small business needs a digital receptionist

Why every small business needs a digital receptionist

For some people, load shedding is a minor irritation that gets in the way of evening TV and a microwave meal. For small businesses, however, load shedding can be downright disastrous. During power outages, many small businesses can no longer receive phone calls, as their PBX system relies on power. As a result, existing and potential customers cannot get through to the business. This can lead to customers going elsewhere, and the loss of sales (and ultimately, loss of revenue).

Fortunately, however, FatBudgie has a feature that solves this problem. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature, otherwise known as an auto attendant, enables small businesses to continue taking calls and directing customers to the correct person during power outages. We call this the FatBudgie digital receptionist. And it’s possibly the most efficient and reliable [digital] receptionist any business could wish for.

With the savvy FatBudgie digital receptionist manning the phones, business owners can rest easy during load shedding. When a call comes in to the digital receptionist, for example, a recorded voice greeting will be given, after which the caller will be guided to the correct person. If the caller has an accounts query, for example, the
FatBudgie digital receptionist will provide the option to go directly through to an accounts manager. Because the deskphones in the office are non­operational due to the power outage, FatBudgie will automatically push this call directly to the account manager’s cellphone, without the caller noticing a difference. Alternatively, calls can
be pushed through to another branch, home office, or a caller can choose to leave a message and resolve the issue later.

In essence, the FatBudgie digital receptionist allows small businesses to benefit from a sophisticated service that in previous years, only larger businesses could afford. Instead of having to dread load shedding and power outages ­ and the potential loss of business ­ small business owners can now have peace of mind around the clock. Without a digital receptionist, small businesses are inextricably tied to the ups and downs of the country’s power supply.
Having a sophisticated and fully reliable IVR system in place not only allows small businesses to keep running, it also gives them a critical competitive edge over businesses that simply ‘go dark’ when the power goes out.


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