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With FatBudgie, working from home makes good business sense

With FatBudgie, working from home makes good business sense

A number of factors, both personal and professional, are driving people to work from home. The desire for more work/life balance and time with loved ones, paired with increasing frustration with traffic and disruptive workplaces, is making the work from home model very popular. Now, with the added benefit of sophisticated technological tools and platforms- ­such as FatBudgie’s Cloud-­based PBX offering – working from home increasingly makes good business sense as well.

At FatBudgie, we provide technology that enables two different types of work from home scenarios. The first is when a small business – employing one or more people – is based out of a home office/residence, and the second is when a corporate professional sets up a home office as a satellite to his/her corporate office. Both scenarios require technology that enables seamless connectivity and efficiency. Home-­based businesses and professionals need to project a professional image at all times – which means, for example, that calls are handled by a fully functional PBX.

Too often, home-­based businesses project a sloppy image when family members answer business calls. By installing professional, enterprise-level technology, such as FatBudgie’s PBX (which sits in the Cloud), home-­based businesses and people working remotely can consistently maintain a slick and professional image.

More importantly, they can consistently provide a professional service – regardless of size or location. Armed with FatBudgie’s hosted PBX, small and home-­based businesses have access to the same sophisticated tools and technology as their bigger counterparts. As a result, they are no longer at a disadvantage, and can compete with bigger service providers – from the comfort of their homes!

In conjunction with Internet Service Provider Cool Ideas, for example, FatBudgie has been empowering small, home­based businesses based in Parkhurst. Several home-based businesses in the area are now able to leverage Fibre-­to-­the-­Home services, paired with FatBudgie’s hosted PBX, to offer seamless and efficient services. As they are undoubtedly discovering, working from home is not only more fun but because they have the right technology – it makes good business sense as well. Explore the most frequently asked questions about FatBudgie VoIP.



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